Multi-bloc Filling Systems

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ProMach offers the widest range of tri-bloc and multi-bloc filling systems in the industry.

Available bloc filling technologies include:

  • Weight
  • Flow meter – mass and magnetic
  • Volumetric time + pressure
  • Gravity Level

This wide range of filling technologies accommodates food and non-food applications for products with light to high viscosities.

ProMach multi-blocs can be configured and engineered for specific applications based on customer requirements. Examples include:

  • Rinse-sanitize-fill-cap or rinse-fill-cap for RTD beverages
  • Label-fill-cap for personal care products
  • Label-fill-insert-cap for pump or spray personal care products
  • Fill-plug-cap or fill-plug-cap-label for spirits

Integrated bloc systems deliver higher operating efficiencies and lower scrap costs than separate pieces of equipment performing the same functions.

They also have smaller footprints than individual pieces of equipment, which saves valuable floor space.

All supplied technologies are designed, manufactured and supported by best-in-class ProMach brands:

  • P.E. Labellers: Pressure sensitive labeling systems
  • Federal, Pacific, Modern, and Fogg fillers: Flow meter, volumetric time and pressure, net weight, gravity level, and piston filler technology
  • Zalkin capping systems: screw-on, roll-on, push-in and snap-on

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