Iced Tea Industry

Iced Tea Filling Machinery

Federal filling systems are used for cold-filled iced teas in PET, HDPE and glass containers and hot-filled iced teas in PET and glass containers.

Federal offers complete cold fill and hot fill systems and cold fill systems can be configured with a full range of Extended Shelf Life (ESL) features and components.

Federal fillers are capable of running PET, HDPE and glass containers and multiple container types can be run on the same filler.

What makes Federal fillers a great choice for iced tea drinks?

  • Durable, 3-A hygienic design built to operate 24 / 7 / 365 in demanding production environments.
  • Cold-fill, ambient-fill and hot-fill capable.
  • Fillers are capable of running PET, HDPE and glass containers from 180 mL (6oz.) to 6L (1.6 G).
  • Multiple filling valve designs and options accommodate specific product characteristics.
  • Dependable performance with very high operating efficiencies.
  • Limited operator attention required.
  • Tool-less, fast, and simple container changeovers.
  • Rapid filler bowl drain system makes product changeovers fast and simple.
  • Hygienic, beyond 3-A design provides ease of cleaning.
  • True low total cost ownership with routine maintenance.
  • Federal fillers are built to last, and they do. 40-year-old Federal fillers are common in the juice and juice drink industry.
  • One size, or a few sizes do not fit all – Federal offers over 30 models, 11 bowl pitch diameters and dozens of valve configurations. We have fillers perfectly sized for virtually every iced tea application.
  • Multiple capping options including annular turrets for snap caps, direct pick-off systems for basic flat caps, pick & place systems for high speed and specialty cap applications and foil seal systems.
  • Standard and customized Clean In Place (CIP) skids provide effective, consistent cleaning of product contact surfaces.