Zalkin Pick & Place Capping Turrets

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Zalkin capping systems are the best-in-class solution for Federal monobloc fillers running twist caps requiring pick & place technology.

Zalkin capping systems offer unique and proprietary technologies to apply a wide range of closure types, including screw caps, roll-on aluminum closures, oriented and non-oriented push-down closures, plugs, fitments and lids.

Zalkin Pick & Place turrets also offer flexibility for future capping needs and applications. New caps or closures can be accommodated by purchasing new sets of capping chucks instead of an entire new capping turret.

Zalkin also offers ultra high-performance servo driven turrets that deliver precise torque control and process feedback for quality control monitoring.

Zalkin turrets are recognized around the world for:
  • Repeatable and reliable cap application
  • Excellent torque accuracy
  • Lowest defect rates
  • Speeds from 50 to 1,200 caps per minute
  • Robust construction
  • Magnetic clutch or servo capping heads
  • Fast, tool-less changeovers
  • Sanitary design components ideal for food or beverage applications