Food Industry Filling

Edible Oil & Syrup Fillers

Federal weight fillers are used in the Food Industry for various liquid food products. Our net weight food fillers are designed for products like edible oils, syrups, flavorings, liquid eggs, and cooking sprays, among others.

Why Choose a Net Weight Filler?

Net weight filling is the most accurate method of filling on the market in terms of product volume.

  • We measure the exact weight of the product as it fills each container to achieve accuracies within ± 0.1% of the target weight. Other filling methods base their accuracy off of visual fill levels, flow rates, and pressure or product movement. If you are filling an expensive product and want to minimize product giveaway costs, net weight filling may be the ideal solution.
  • We tare the weight of each container before the filling process starts, ensuring that the amount of product filled into each container is not altered by flaws or inconsistencies in container shape or weight.
  • Weight fillers are non-contact fillers, which means that the container and the filling valve never touch. This is great for food filling because it makes the environment more sanitary by keeping the product away from the filling valves and preventing drips between containers.
  • Automated CIP (Clean in Place) allows Federal's net weight fillers to quickly and efficiently clean the product circuit surfaces to maintain the most hygienic operation. This allows you to switch between products or batches quickly.

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