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About Us

Today, Federal and Pacific fillers are the cornerstone filling system brands in ProMach’s Filling Solutions Division.

Federal’s filler offerings include both high-performance level and weight fillers for free-flowing liquids.

Federal's history goes back to 1946 when Mr. David Fee recognized the need for a better machine for smaller, farm dairies to fill and cap glass bottles. Within two years, both 6 and 9-valve level fillers were engineered and introduced at the 1948 Dairy Show in Atlantic City.

The simple, hygienic, and dependable Federal designs made Mr. Fee’s fillers a success from the time they were introduced.

Development efforts revolved around glass bottle filling and capping until the 1962 introduction of HDPE containers.

These lighter weight, easier to handle containers became very popular with consumers and Federal responded by developing new filling technologies and filling valves that were compatible with this style of container.

Hygienic filler development has continued ever since with a mission to offer unprecedented product quality, speed, durability, efficiency, and cleanliness.

Federal developed and installed its first Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk filling system in 1998 and this first installation was validated by the customer as achieving the targeted 47-day refrigerated code-life.  ESL filling systems for premium refrigerated juices were developed and installed two years later.

Federal added non-contact weight filling technology in 2004 through the acquisition of Engineered Products & Systems Inc. (EPSI).  Weight filling technology introduced Federal to new markets including paint, agricultural chemicals, personal care, automotive lubricants and other high value products.

With these advancements came systems specifically created to maximize product protection and provide maximum shelf life. Common design criteria for these systems was simplicity, controlled, and repeatable sanitation, durability, and preservation of product quality.

In 2012, Federal was acquired by and welcomed into the ProMach family of companies.

In 2014, Federal moved from its downtown location to a new 78,000 square-foot, facility in Waukesha, WI just West of downtown Milwaukee.

Federal’s focus on innovation continued in 2017 with the introduction of XACT-FIL™ weight fillers at Pack Expo Las Vegas.  XACT-FIL represents a next generation redesign of Federal’s high-performance weight fillers.

Throughout the entire organization, ProMach and the Federal and Pacific teams are committed to developing quality filling and capping equipment that will provide decades of dependable service.

We sincerely thank you for considering Federal.

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