Net Weight Filling Systems For Agricultural Chemicals

Federal net weight fillers have become the system of choice in the agricultural chemicals industry.

Fillers for the agricultural chemical industry are most commonly configured for 1-quart, 1-gallon, and 2 ½ gallon containers but dozens of other sizes from 1-pint to 5-gallon are also popular.

What makes Federal weight fillers a great choice for agricultural chemical manufacturers? See below for features and more information.

Popular Features
  • Rapid drain & reclaim systems for faster product changeovers
  • Teflon coated wetted parts to assist flushing and cleaning as part of product changeover process
  • Laser scanner safety guarding systems that keep employees safe without the clean-up hassle of physical guard doors
  • New filler bowl spray ball systems that reduce the time and labor required for clean-up at the end of a run

Federal’s weight fillers in the agricultural industry are recognized for:

  • Ability to run all container sizes day in and day out at or above quoted speeds. Federal weight fillers perform as advertised.
  • Zalkin pick & place capping systems deliver consistent, repeatable cap applications.
  • Dependable performance with very high operating efficiencies.
  • Limited operator attention required.
  • Ability to fill in net weight, gross weight, and time-based filling modes.
  • Fill accuracy in net weight mode ± 0.1% regardless of product or container types minimizes giveaway of valuable products.
  • Customizable user interface offers intuitive operation tailored to the needs of each production line.
  • Customizable filling process data capture systems enhance quality control and provide valuable input for OEE measurements.
  • Maintenance-free, lubrication-free, and vibration-free Accu-Cycloidal™ gearing system.
  • Fully-enclosed bases that protect the drive train from the plant environment.
  • True low total cost ownership with routine maintenance.

Federal are Net Weight Filling Systems For Agricultural Chemicals are ideal for industries including: