Gravity Level Filling Machine Systems for Hot & Cold Fill Applications

Federal machines offer a wide range of durable and dependable gravity level filling systems for free-flowing liquid products that require consistent fill levels. Federal bottle gravity level fillers are recognized for their dependable machine performance in demanding environments. We also offer custom filling valve options for specific production requirements.

Our gravity level filler machines are designed for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Hot fill
  • Cold fill
  • Ambient fill

All Federal bottle gravity level filling systems are available with custom footprints that can combine or separate configurations. Need a quote or have a question? Contact

Designed to 3-A standards filling many different bottle sizes with dairy products ranging from skim to drinkable yogurt, and even laban.

These level fillers are capable of filling hot and cold applications for juice.

Ideal for water applications from 6 oz to 5-liter bottles.

Federal GEM Capping solutions can be right or left-handed, standalone, or placed on a monobloc level filler.