Water Level Filling Systems

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Federal water level fillers for water are perfect for filling water gallons with speeds ranging from 90 bpm to 110 bpm. Our capping technologies are able to accommodate a lightweight, short-skirted cap to a sport cap, to the most uniquely shaped caps in today's market. These fillers are able to fill lightweight PET, HDPE, glass, or aluminum bottles.

With these water fillers, you are able to feature or de-feature to meet your production requirements.

  • With or without a manual CIP trough
  • With or without CIP Rings
  • With or without air rinsing
  • Internal wash systems
  • Hygienic 3-A certified design

    G-Series level fillers include models authorized to display the 3-A symbol for third party verified sanitary designs

  • Consistent fill levels

    Federal filling valves deliver consistent, accurate fill levels regardless of container type or size

  • Multiple containers types

    Federal fillers are compatible with HDPE, PET and glass containers

  • Stainless steel construction

    Federal fillers are recognized for durable and dependable performance and long lifespans

  • Fast, tool-less size changeovers

    Container size changeovers can be completed in less than 15 minutes

Federal Water Level Filling Systems are ideal for industries including: