Bottled Water Industry Filling

Bottled Water Gallon Filling Machines & Equipment

  • Bottle handling to support lightweight bottles
  • Fillers can reach speeds up to 1000 bottles per minute depending on application
  • Can fill bottles with or without handles
  • Gallon fillers are capable of running PET, HDPE and glass containers.
  • Dependable performance with very high operating efficiencies.
  • Maximum filling speeds for all filler sizes with extended vent tube option.
  • Dependable performance with very high operating efficiencies.
  • Fast and simple container changeovers for your machinery.
  • Rapid filler bowl drain system makes product changeovers fast and simple.
  • High ROI with proper routine maintenance.
  • We have fillers specifically sized for virtually any unique juice application.
  • Multiple capping options available to suit a variety of specific needs.
  • Every Federal gallon filler machine model can be configured for Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products
  • Additional machinery features optioned for cleaning, capping, sorting, and safety.

Federal Water Industry 1
Federal Water Industry 2
Federal Water Industry 3