Container Rinsing & Sterilization

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Federal offers a full range of rotary rinsing systems when an application requires cleaned or sterilized containers.

Federal container rinsing and sterilization systems are offered in tri-bloc rinser-filler-cappers, and as standalone units synchronized with a monobloc filler capper.

Rinsing and sterilization systems may be single or dual turret depending on the application.

Rinsing and sterilization capabilities and process phases are configured based on customer requirements.

Configurable process phases can include:

  • Ionized air rinsing
  • Clean water or sterile water rinsing
  • Sanitizer rinsing
  • Sterilizer rinsing
  • Blow phases including sterile air or sterilizing gasses

Container rinsing and sterilizing systems can include chemical process skids as well as sterile air and/or water supply units.