GEM Cappers for Level Filling

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Federal offers four GEM capping solutions for your capping needs. GEM Cappers are designed to be compatible with Federal level filling systems. All of our GEM Cappers can be right- or left-hand, standalone, or placed on monobloc. Each GEM Capper features a quick and easy changeover design to add time back into your production.

GEM cappers for level filling are simple, dependable cappers for flat, standard-torque screw caps. These precise capping machines from Federal are designed to apply caps efficiently without sacrificing quality.

The cappers in the GEM Series are versatile to meet the growing demands of a wide range of industries, from dairy and beverage to household products and more. To find the best fit for your unique requirements, contact Federal today.

358 Portola or DBJ Caps

GEM 4 (Pictured)
Sport Caps

Sport and flat caps

Plastic screw, t-cork, and ROPP

  • GEM 3

    This capper is ideal for 38mm dairy closures - 358 Portola or DBJ- and adjusted for the customer's specifications. The magnetic capping heads have an adjustable torque and electric raising and lowering for rapid changeover between caps.

  • GEM 4

    Great fit for Sport Caps with variable spindle speed via the HMI. Performs well at speeds up to 30 caps per head per minute, with a maximum of 300 BPM on any turret limited by the pickup. 

  • GEM 5

    Our pick-in-place technology is idea ideal for almost all caps, port, and flat caps with sizes ranging from 24mm to 89mm at high speeds with greater accuracy. With tool-less change over, cap handling components, and adjustable magnetic torque capping heads.

  • GEM 6

    Ability to actuality and precisely apply plastic screw, t-cork, ROPP, and most uncommon caps at high speeds with cap handling. With the flexibility to group unique shaped caps. Height adjustment feature with electrical positioning and designed for rapid changeover.