Net Weight Filling Systems for Free-Flowing Liquids

Federal offers a wide range of durable and dependable net weight filling systems for free-flowing liquid products that require accurate and consistent fill weights.

They have been designed for a wide range of food and non-food fluid products including edible oils, sauces, fluid dairy products, paint, agricultural chemicals, automotive lubricants, and personal care products.

Our net weight fillers are capable of operating in net weight, gross weight, parametric, and time-based filling modes. Fill weight accuracy is ± 0.1% regardless of product or container types.

Federal’s net weight fillers are recognized for their dependable performance in demanding production environments and for the true low total cost ownership they offer with routine maintenance. Choose Federal for your net weight filling machine and weight filler needs.

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XACT-FIL® is a new multi-model line of next generation of weight fillers from Federal. All Federal weight fillers use XACT-FIL® technology to guarantee accuracies of ± 0.1%.

The Federal Modular Inline Filler is a 2-station filler that can be expanded to a 4-, 6- or 8-station filler at the time of purchase or when production demands increase. This net weight filler offers flexibility for plants that want to future-proof their production lines.

Federal’s new cost-effective, small batch semi-automatic filler. Simpl-FIL™ is a single station net weight filler designed to fill 250 mL to 20L containers with any free-flowing liquid. Explosion-proof configurations are available.

Federal offers an Automatic Palletized Drum Filling Machine designed to fill liquid products into drums and totes. The base system includes the weight scale platform filling system and automatic stainless-steel roller conveyor system to move the bulk container onto the platform.

This 2-Station Inline Net Weight Filler and Lidder system is configurable for food and non-food products. This machine can handle light to semi-viscous foamy and non-foamy products with a fill accuracy of ± 0.1%.

Accurate, clean filling for ½ pint cans to 5-gallon pails.

Dependable performance for a demanding industry.

Non-contact net weight filling for premium food and beverage products.

Federal weight fillers are used in the automotive industry for a wide range of products filled in containers from 1 quart to 5 gallons. We design and manufacture weight filler for automotive additives, automotive lubricants, and more.

Every Federal weight filler model can be configured and equipped for Extended Shelf Life (ESL) applications.

Multi-bloc systems featuring weight, level, flow meter or volumetric time pressure filling technologies.

Federal Rotary Checkweigher Machines are designed to verify the weights of containers or aerosol cans at speeds up to 250 or more containers per minute. Our checkweighers guarantee accuracies of ± 0.5%.