K-Series Level Filling Systems

Federal K-series level fillers are designed and optimized for 16 oz. (473mL) to ½ Gallon (1.89L) container sizes.

They are available in eleven different footprints and bowl pitch diameters and they offer steady-state production speeds from 160 cpm to over 900 cpm, depending on container size, neck finish and product characteristics.

K-series filling systems are most commonly configured as filler-capper monoblocs. For simple flat caps and for speeds up to 400 cpm Federal’s GEM direct pick-off capping system is a popular choice. For other cap styles, or for speeds over 400 cpm, Federal uses incorporates Zalkin pick & place capping systems.

Federal offers a wide range of K-series level fillers including models authorized to the display the 3-A symbol, a recognized industry standard for hygienic design and construction.

Federal K-series level fillers are designed for hot fill, cold fill and ambient fill applications and we offer over twenty filling valve options for specific product requirements. They are capable of running PET, HDPE, glass, metal and other plastic containers.

K-series fillers are available in Extended Shelf-life (ESL) configurations which can include container rinsing or sterilization, HEPA enclosures, sanitizing spray systems, cap sterilization systems and sealed, steam sterilizable filling bowls.

Federal’s level fillers are recognized for their dependable performance in wet, demanding environments and for the decades of service they provide with routine maintenance.

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