Juice Level Filling Systems

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Federal juice gravity level filling systems are cable of filling hot, cold, and ESL applications for juice.

Federal offers special hot fill filling valves that are made specifically to hold a minimal amount of product in the valve. During a line stop, there will be minimal product evacuated to maintain temperature. The temperature can be monitored through the trough system so you will know with confidence when you are ready to fill again.

Along with hot filling, cold juice can be filled on the same filler. For cold filling, we offer many different wash systems to maintain a hygienic filling environment. As your validation processes require greater log reductions, you will move into the ESL filling options such as Class 100 HEPA filtration, internal wash systems, and UV and Chemical bottle and cap sanitizers.

Filling juices in:

  • Glass
  • PET
  • HDPE
  • Aluminum