Paint & Coatings Industry Filling

Paint Filling Machines for Water & Solvent Based Paints and Coatings

Federal weight fillers are widely used in the paint industry for both water and solvent-based paints.

Fillers for the paint industry are most commonly configured for pint, quart, and gallon cans or 5-gallon pails.

What makes Federal net weight fillers a great choice for paint manufacturers?

Federal net weight paint fillers & paint filling systems are recognized for:

  • Dependable performance with very high operating efficiencies.
  • Smooth, clean filling process.
  • Limited operator attention required.
  • Highly cleanable design and materials of construction.
  • Fully-enclosed bases that protect the drive train from the plant environment.
  • Ability to fill in net weight, gross weight and time-based filling modes.
  • Fill accuracy in net weight mode ± 0.1% regardless of product or container size
  • Extreme fill weight accuracy assures precise blending and correct, consistent color matching.
  • A customizable user interface tailored to the needs of each production line offers intuitive operation.
  • Maintenance-free, lubrication-free and vibration-free Accu-Cycloidal™ gearing system.
  • True low Total Cost of Ownership with routine maintenance.

New popular equipment features for Federal's paint filling machinery:

  • Teflon-coated drain pans for quick and easy clean-up.
  • Quick drain options for faster product and container changeovers.
  • Laser scanner safety guarding systems that keep employees safe without the clean-up hassle of physical guard doors.
  • New filler bowl spray ball systems that reduce the time and labor required for clean-up at the end of a run.

XACT-FIL® Monobloc Filler-Capper for Paint Gallons

Federal Weight Filling System for Paint Products
Optional Laser Scanner Guarding System for Paint Industry Weight Fillers

Federal Equipment Ideal for Paint Filling

Federal offers a wide range of durable and dependable weight filling systems for free-flowing liquid products that require accurate and consistent fill weights.