Rotary Checkweigher NEW

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Federal Rotary Checkweigher Machines are designed to verify the weights of containers or aerosol cans at speeds up to 250 containers per minute. Federal designed the first high-speed rotary checkweigher in the industry. Federal Checkweighers guarantee accuracies of ± 0.5%, which exceeds standard checkweigher accuracies of ± 2%. All data is stored and easily accessible within production files. The aerosol checkweigher is highly efficient and accurate, which will help you identify containers with incorrect weights and view and analyze accurate data from the production files.

With speeds of 250 containers per minute, there is no need to split conveyor lanes for multiple checkweigher machines.

Any containers with inaccurate weights can be rejected to a side conveyor or accumulation zone. The reject system can also be used for sampling.

Features and Benefits
  • High-Speed Rotary CheckweigherSpeeds can reach up to 250 containers per minute
  • Highly Accurate CheckweighingGuarantees accuracies of ± 0.5%
  • Compact Footprint
  • 15" Touchscreen HMIAll inputs will be soft touch - no buttons
  • 304ss ConstructionAll 304ss sheet metal construction with a #4 finish