Bulk-FIL™ Net Weight Tote and Drum Filler NEW

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Federal designs and manufactures Automatic Net Weight Palletized Drum Filling Machines that fill liquid products into drums and totes. The base system includes the weight scale platform filling system and automatic stainless-steel roller conveyor system. The design permits automatic loading of one pallet on the infeed side of the scale platform and one pallet positioned after the scale platform.

The system automatically advances the pallet/tote onto the filling scale platform. The tare weight is recorded, the filling nozzle descends and the fill cycle begins. Near the end of the fill cycle, the flow rate reduces for optimal “dribble” fill accuracy. Once the fill reaches a specified weight, the positive shutoff nozzle closes and automatically lifts out of the tote/drum to a “clear” position. Once the tote/drums have been filled, the system automatically transfers the pallet off the scale to the powered discharge roller conveyor and moves in the new pallet.

  • Fill capacity

    55 gallon drum pallets and/or 275-375 gallon totes

  • Fill speed

    45-50 gallons per minute flow rate is typical

  • Bottom-up fill, positive shutoff filling nozzle

    Bottom-up fill, positive shutoff filling nozzle with Tri-Clamp fastener arrangement. Includes vertical controlled nozzle positioning system with manual horizontal positioning.

  • Electronic weighing system to monitor and control all fill cycle functions

    The weighing system ensures that empty drums/totes are in position, registers TARE for each drum or use first tare for all containers and self-corrects on the next fill cycle for over/underfills.

  • Designed for cleanability

    Net weight scale system with powered stainless-steel roller platform. Includes hermetically sealed load cell designed for wash down service.

  • No container, no fill

    Sensing flag for “no-drum/no-fill” functionality and all necessary conveyor sensors.

  • Product supply connection

    10-foot hose assembly with Tri-Clamp fitting as appropriate for the product supply connection. Product will be supplied by the customer’s pump at a flow rate and pressure as required to achieve the specified production.