Bottle Cappers & Container Capping Systems

Federal offers multiple capping technologies as options on new monobloc filling systems.

The most popular capping technologies include:

  • Federal’s Gem direct pick-off capping turrets for twist caps
  • Zalkin’s Pick & Place capping turrets for twist caps
  • Federal’s Annular Turret for snap-caps
  • Foil lid capping presses for peel-off foil closures

In addition to cap application systems, Federal supplies and supports a wide range of cap feeding and cap sorting technologies.

All capping systems are available options for both new level filler and new weight filler monoblocs.

They are also offered as Aftermarket upgrades or conversions for older installed Federal fillers.

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Zalkin capping systems are the best-in-class solution for twist caps requiring pick & place technology.

Federal offers annular turrets for snap-caps and foil seal systems when plastic caps are not required.

Federal GEM Capping solutions can be right or left-handed, standalone, or placed on a monobloc level filler.