Simpl-FIL™ Single Station Net Weight Filler NEW

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Simpl-FIL™ is one of Federal's newest innovations in net weight filling, designed for small-batch and start-up production or product testing labs. We offer Simpl-FIL™ single station semi-automatic fillers as standalone units or bundled with other filler orders. This versatile filler is designed to fill any free-flowing liquid into containers from 50mL to 20L.

This standard filler can be completed quickly with lead times as short as one week. Simpl-FIL™ features an adjustable fill tank, a compact 24"x27" footprint, and a 15" touchscreen HMI. Simpl-FIL™ was designed with versatility in mind. This single-station net weight filler is compatible with any free-flowing liquid, either in small batches or with a regular "on demand" product supply line. Federal also offers several optional upgrade packages that are noted below.

Filler Options:
  • Explosion ProofClass 1 Division 1 compliance
  • Custom Diameter Nozzle
  • Nozzle and Screen Kit5 additional nozzle sizes from 12-40mm, variable mesh screen pack kit, and durable plastic case with 5S foam insert
  • Automated Tank Level ControlTank Level Probe, automated supply valve, and controls, electronics and associated mechanicals
  • Adjustable Filling Platform

    Adjustable to fill containers ranging from 50mL bottle to 20L jerry cans, or 1/2 pint to 5 gallon paint containers

  • Compact Footprint

    24"x27" square footprint

  • 15" Touchscreen HMI

    All inputs will be soft touch – with additional side mounted start fill button and e-stop

  • 2-Stage Pneumatic Actuated Filler Valve Assembly

    Includes a quick-release valve stem, 20mm nozzle, removable stem end, a set of 3 screen packs, double cylinders, a wash ring adapter, and valve seat O-ring

  • 304ss/316ss Construction

    304ss #4 finish sheet metal construction with 316ss electropolished tank and 316ss valve components

  • Ergonomic Design

    15" HMI panel height is set at 5'6" mid-screen; filler platform height is set at 31" with adjustability between 30.5" and 33"

Federal Simpl-FIL™ Single Station Net Weight Fillers are ideal for multiple industries including: