ESL Weight Filling Systems

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Every Federal weight filler model can be configured and equipped for Extended Shelf Life (ESL) applications.

Federal has been designing and supplying ESL fillers since 1996 and our latest XACT-FIL™ weight filler designs represent the next generation of our ESL capabilities.

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Key advantages of Federal weight fillers for ESL applications include:
  • Non-contact filling process: filling nozzles and valves never come in contact with containers
  • Low maintenance filling valves
  • Precise fill weight accuracy eliminates product give-away from overfilled containers
  • Lightweight containers are easily accommodated because top load issues are eliminated
  • Permanently mounted wash rings make CIP set-up fast and easy

Federal’s ESL weight filling systems are configured to meet or exceed the requirements of each product application. ESL system components include:

  • Container rinsers and sterilizers
  • Sterile air blown containers
  • HEPA enclosures
  • Ultra-hygienic machine design that goes beyond 3-A requirements
  • Hygienic ESL filling valves
  • Sealed filler bowls
  • Steam sterilizable filler bowls
  • Sterile air and sterile water supply systems
  • Sanitizing spray systems
  • Cap sterilizers including UV and chemical sterilants
  • Custom CIP skids