Level Filler Laser Guarding Upgrade Kit - Aftermarket Parts & Service

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Federal now offers high-performance, space saving and customizable laser scanner guarding upgrade kits for all Federal level fillers.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully configurable and customizable laser scanner guarding eliminates physical guard doors
  • No physical guard doors = space savings
  • No physical guard doors = less cleaning, fewer harborage points
  • Laser scanning technology eliminates the hassle of aligning light curtain transmitters and receivers
  • Laser technology enables customizable and configurable pass-through or exclusion zones:
    • helps eliminate unnecessary stoppages
    • helps accommodate cramped line layouts
  • Multiple types of protection zones, including Warning zones and Danger zones are supported
  • Zones can be simple or complex shapes
  • Dynamic braking resister stops rotating components including the filler bowl in a controlled manner
Upgrade Kit Includes
  • Two Laser Scanner Drivers with displays
  • Up to three Secondary Laser Scanners
  • Dynamic braking resistor
  • Two mounting posts with mounting brackets and hardware
  • Cables and wiring harness
  • System documentation
  • System programming and testing
  • Installation and field programming by a Federal field service technician is required
  • Installation and start-up will require 8 to 16 hours depending upon filler configuration