Level Filler Critical Spare Parts Kit

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Federal now offers Critical Spare Parts Kits for all Federal level fillers regardless of their age, model or location.

Federal OEM critical spare parts kits are configured by experienced filler engineers and field service technicians to help customers keep their Federal fillers running, and running, and running...

Advantages & Features

  • Federal OEM Critical Spare Parts Kits help customers:
    • Reduce downtime
    • Prevent downtime
    • Extend the useful life of a valuable capital asset
  • Federal OEM Critical Spare Parts Kits reduce downtime by placing key parts on your stockroom shelves where they can be quickly accessed and installed by your maintenance team.
  • Federal OEM Critical Spare Parts Kits can help prevent downtime by supporting proactive maintenance programs.
  • Federal OEM Critical Spare Parts Kits can help extend the useful life of your Federal fillers by making it easy to replace failing parts before they can damage other machine components or cause excessive wear and tear.
  • Critical spare part kits are a great value and their pricing includes a discount versus individual part pricing.
  • Federal defines critical spare parts as:
    • Items that can reduce or eliminate downtime or quality problems by being readily available on site.
    • Wear items that are commonly replaced at least annually.
    • Items that will cause downtime or quality problems upon failure.
    • Items with long lead times from order to delivery.
    • Parts for older, less common or more customized fillers that are not routinely stocked at Federal.
  • Critical Spare Parts Kits include items related to every key functional area of a Federal filler from infeed to discharge.
  • Examples of Critical Spare Parts Kit components include:
    • Adjustable infeed drive assembly parts & components
    • Main drive assembly parts & components
    • Bearings, seals, bushings, etc. for columns & shafts
    • Filling platform and bearing block assemblies
    • Filling valves & valve components
    • Filler bowl seals, gaskets, thrust collars
    • Filler bowl level control system sensor tubes, controllers, etc.
    • Capping system spindles, chucks, gears, bearings, etc.
    • Upper guarding system parts and components
  • Critical Spare Parts Kits will not include long useful life items such as:
    • Filler columns
    • Capper columns
    • Starwheel shafts
    • Cams
    • Main drive gears
  • For older Federal fillers, or for fillers that appear to require heavy maintenance Federal also offers OEM Filler Audits by highly trained and experienced Field Service technicians. Audits are a great way to determine exactly what your filler needs to return to expected performance levels.
  • To request a quotation please call Federal at 414-384-3200 or e-mail us at federal@promachbuilt.com. Please have the serial number of the filler ready or include it in your e-mail.