Aftermarket Upgrades For Federal Level & Weight Fillers

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A Federal aftermarket upgrade is a kit or component that improves an existing filler capability. Upgrades replace current filler components with new components that help a filler do something it already does, but better, faster or easier.

Federal Upgrades are designed and intended to:

  • Improve the performance of older, installed fillers,
  • Extend the useful life of older, installed fillers, and / or
  • Replace obsolete electrical and mechanical components that have been discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer.

Upgrades from Federal include:

  • Level Fillers – Infeed Timing Screw Guide
  • Level Fillers – Allen-Bradley Custom Controls Plus Package
  • Level Fillers - Laser Guarding Upgrade Kit
  • Weight Fillers – Controls Upgrade
  • Weight Fillers - Commutator Upgrade
  • Weight Fillers - Laser Guarding Upgrade Kit

All upgrades are available exclusively from Federal.

Federal is constantly identifying and developing upgrade kits for its installed base of level and weight fillers. If you have a suggestion, we would welcome your input.

For an update on the latest Federal upgrade offerings call us at (844) 838-1704.

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