Bulk-FIL™ Semi-Automatic Tote and Drum Filler

This net weight tote and drum filling system uses load cells to determine accurate fill weight measurements. The machine shown is a semi-automatic Bulk-FIL™ system. With this system, the nozzle automatically dives after the operator aligns it over the container opening, and it retracts as the fill weight increases to its target weight. After the fill weight is reached, drums and totes automatically advance down the line. This system works with 50-gallon drums to IBC totes, making it perfect for liquid filling applications including automotive lubricants, paints, and specialty chemicals.

Bulk-FIL™ is also available in a fully automatic model.

Federal Manufacturing's semi-automatic net weight filling system is designed for efficiently filling palletized drums and totes. The system begins by automatically advancing the pallet or tote onto the filling scale platform. The operator then positions the fill lance above the tote and uses the HMI to lower the fill lance into the container.

The lance automatically dispenses the product to a set weight. Once the fill reaches the specified weight, the positive shutoff nozzle closes and the lance ascends out of the tote or drum to a clear position. After filling, the conveyor system transfers the pallet off the scale to the powered discharge roller conveyor, allowing the tote to be removed and the next container to begin filling. The handle and horizontal trolley enable the operator to easily position the fill lance, and the operator can jog the lance for precise vertical movement. The high flow valve reduces the flow rate near the end of the fill, ensuring precise net weight filling.

For cleaning in place, the operator simply extends the CIP tube, lowers the fill lance until it is level with the top of the tube, and attaches a clamp to form a seal. The top opening of the CIP tube is sealed, and a drain hose is connected to the bottom opening. CIP fluid is then run through the product line to clean the system.

The HMI touchscreen serves as the machine's primary interface, allowing the operator to perform almost any operation and maintenance test for the machine. The color touch screen is mounted in a NEMA 4x enclosure near the conveyor, which also houses emergency start, stop, and fault reset push buttons.