Federal Presents a Net Weight Monobloc Filler

Will Casey, Vice President and General Manager of Federal Mfg, presents a net weight monobloc filler that is integrated with a Zalkin capper. This machine was showcased at Pack Expo Las Vegas in 2021 along with our inline net weight filler-lidder for large containers. This Federal Net Weight Filler guarantees accuracies of ±0.1%. This makes it perfectly suited to the liquid filling applications including paints, agricultural chemicals, and more.

Hello, I'm Will Casey, Vice President and General Manager of Federal Manufacturing. Today, I'm excited to introduce our latest offering, specifically designed for the paint industry. This machine is optimized for handling gallon cans, though we also offer formats for five-gallon pails, quarts, and smaller containers. Our machines are engineered for accurate filling and efficient processing, utilizing Beckhoff controls to achieve these goals.

Our systems operate on net weight filling technology. We begin by taring the container, then weigh the fluid as it fills the container, ensuring precise measurements. This method is ideal for high-value fluids, as it minimizes product giveaway. We partner with Beckhoff for their control systems because of their computational speed, accuracy, and the ability to use off-the-shelf components in an integrated system. By having all controls on board, we eliminate the need to send signals off the machine for processing, resulting in faster and more accurate decision-making for the filling nozzle.

We guarantee our fill accuracies to within ±0.5%, and often, we can achieve even better precision. One of the features we appreciate about the Beckhoff systems is their stainless steel HMI units, which provide a user-friendly interface with large touchscreens for easy operation.

This machine features two-stage filling, where the valve opens slowly at first, then fully, to control the flow rate at the start and end of the fill. This method ensures accuracy and prevents splashing and mess.

For the first time in the paint industry, we have integrated a monoblock application in this machine. Lids are delivered via an air bay to a pick-and-place system, courtesy of our sister company, Zalkin. This system positions and applies the correct amount of pressure to secure the lid onto the container. Whether the container is accepted or rejected for weight, it will have a lid, preserving the product and preventing spills.