Bulk-FIL™ Automatic Tote and Drum Filler

The Bulk-FIL™ Automatic Filler is the first filler to use a robotic arm to automate liquid filling and capping. The intentional use of robotics widens the range of containers and configurations that can be filled on a single machine without any manual changeover. The automatic Bulk-FIL™ tote and drum filler pairs the flexibility, reliability, and repeatability of a robot with the accuracy of Federal's net weight filling technology.

Bulk-FIL™ is also available in a semi-automatic model.

Introducing the new fully automatic net weight filling system for palletized drums, totes, and Jerry cans: the Bulk Fill Automatic. This advanced system automatically advances the pallet onto the filling scale platform. Utilizing a seven-axis robotic arm, it efficiently removes closures from the containers. The robot then picks up the filling lance and positions it above the container's opening. Once in place, the filling lance descends and begins the filling process.

As part of the procedure, the robot applies a top dose of nitrogen gas to create a protective blanket, after which the closure is placed and securely tightened. This automated system is capable of filling a wide range of totes with ease, ensuring precision and consistency throughout the process.

One of the key advantages of the Federal Bulk Fill Automated System is its ability to automatically decap, fill, and recap various types of containers. This versatility allows for seamless size changeovers and format adjustments, typically executed in less than five minutes.

Designed for use in food-grade and Class 1 Division 1 XP environments, the Bulk Fill system ensures compliance with stringent safety and hygiene standards. A single head change feature allows operators to easily switch from one container type to another, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.

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