Proof Perfect™ Rotary Distilled Spirits Fillers

Proof Perfect TM is a multi-model line of next generation fillers designed for clear and flavored distilled spirits. This new family of filling systems includes best-in-class rotary filling and capping technologies from Federal and Zalkin, including standalone fillers as well as filler-capper monoblocs and rinser-filler-capper tri-blocs. All Proof Perfect fillers and Zalkin cappers are available as either stand-alone systems or integrated bloc solutions.

Created specifically for distilleries, Proof Perfect filling systems are made with 316L stainless steel and feature a dry-floor design which includes a fully-enclosed, sloped-deck base. The systems handle glass and PET bottles from 750 ml to 1.75 liters. Proof Perfect rotary fillers are available in four pitch diameters that offer 10, 24, 30 or 48 valves to achieve speeds up to 450 cpm.

Bloc and standalone capping turrets with cap handling technologies from Zalkin are available for plastic screw-on closures, aluminum roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) closures and push-in and snap-on closures, including t-corks and bar corks.

Federal’s high performance, low maintenance Sure-Seal™ level filling valves and magnetic bottle neck grippers are standard on Proof Perfect rotary fillers. Federal’s magnetic neck grippers consistently present and center the neck finish of any bottle so it is perfectly aligned with the Sure-Seal molded urethane valve tip. These neck grippers allow even crooked neck glass bottles to fill smoothly without chipping or breaking.

Proof Perfect level filling valves are offered as an Available Option. These vacuum-assisted valves, which have been used in the Scottish whiskey industry for over 25-years, feature an engineered plastic centering cone that gently secures glass or PET bottles that provide gentle and secure handling of crooked-neck bottles.

Both filling valves feature hygienic designs that support effective cleaning in place (CIP) during normal CIP cycles. Both valves are also designed to fill both glass and PET bottles. With no o-rings in the valve nozzle tips, both valves also eliminate the risk of o-ring debris falling into bottles.

Proof Perfect filling systems can be configured for operations of all sizes from small craft distillers to high volume distilleries with demanding high-speed production requirements.

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Features and Benefits
  • Gravity filling with fully sealed filling bowlsProof Perfect fillers feature fully-sealed filling bowls and gravity filling
  • Two glass-bottle friendly filling valve optionsAvailable filling valves are designed to handle glass bottles, including crooked neck bottles as well as PET bottles
  • Bottle fill levels automatically adjustable via HMIFill levels can be adjusted + - 6 mm on the fly via the HMI; no spacers or manual adjustments required
  • No o-ring in valve nozzle tipSure-Seal™ and optional Proof Perfect filling valves eliminate the risk of o-ring debris falling into bottles
  • Hygienic filling valvesSure-Seal and Proof Perfect filling valves feature designs that eliminate harborage points for product residue and both can be effectively cleaned-inplace during automated CIP cycles
  • Automated Clean-In-Place (CIP) systemsProof Perfect fillers are capable of automatically executing a variety of recipe driven CIP processes from simple product purge-and-chase cycles to multi-cycle purge-rinse-clean-sanitize-rinse processes for flavored products and cordials
  • Servo-driven, Accu-Cycloidal™ gearingUltra-low friction, vibration free and lubrication free drive train delivers smooth performance and requires no routine maintenance


  • Proof Perfect, vacuum assist, no-drip filling valves
  • Zalkin quick release capping heads - Fast, tool-less changeover for different cap sizes or cap types; switch from push-in t-corks to aluminum roll-on pilfer proof in less than one minute per head
  • Container rejection system - Automatic rejection of flagged containers at the filler discharge
  • Explosion-proof electrical panel
  • Air conditioned electrical panel
  • Steam sterilizable filler bowl - Non-chemical option for system sterilization
  • CIP skids - PLC controlled integrated system of tanks, pumps, valves, heaters, piping and process monitoring devices that blend and supply CIP solutions to the filler for cleaning-in-place
  • ZPI Line Performance Monitoring & Analysis System – ZPI provides real-time production line monitoring, data collection and reporting capabilities that identify the sources and root causes of line downtime