Federal Showcases a 10-valve, Hygienic Level Filler With a Four-Head Capper at the Dairy Show

Sep 08, 2015

PEWAUKEE, Wis. — Federal Mfg., powered by ProMach, showcases its new 10-valve, hygienic level filler with a four-head capper at the International Dairy Show 2015 – McCormick Place, September 15-18. This new solution is designed to enable specialty dairy and juice companies to cost effectively move to the next higher level of production and distribution. The new filler uses an innovative Federal Mfg. valve that speeds up cleaning and offers extended product life and low maintenance. (Federal Mfg. International Dairy Show Booth #8009)

“As specialty dairy and juice companies face the challenge of cost effectively meeting growing market demand, they often find the cost of state-of-the-art filling and capping machines simply too great,” said Mike Collins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Federal Mfg. “Our new filler breaks that price performance barrier. This machine is easy to use and operate and will give years – if not decades – of service. It will still have value when it’s time to upgrade.”

The new valve represents the ultimate in simplicity and cleanability. And, it was designed to operate with new lighter weight, more sustainable packaging. Traditionally filling valves for packaging milk and juice are held closed by a spring and compressed rubber arrangement. When a bottle rises and makes contact with the valve, it compresses the spring and must withstand a certain amount of pressure. As bottles become more lightweight, they often cannot resist that compression force. The new patent pending valve relies on gravity alone to keep the valve closed and works wonderfully with light weight packaging. In extended shelf life applications the values do not have to be removed from the machine for cleaning which saves time and decreases labor. The filler at the show showcases both the new and standard dairy valves for attendees interested in seeing both options.

The new filler, which meets the stringent 3-A standard for sanitary design, can run packaging as large as a gallon and a half and as small as six ounces. Gallon-and-a-half sized containers can be run at speeds up to 40 a minute: Smaller sizes at up to 180 a minute. The new filler’s small footprint provides the ultimate in flexibility, making it ideal for facilities with limited floor space.

With its monoblock construction, the filler and capper are integrated on one machine base. The rugged filler is engineered for highest productivity, ease of operation, long service life, lowest cost of ownership, and ease of maintenance.Each machine is crafted of stainless steel. Fit and finish is designed to deny bacteria crevasses in which to grow. These machines feature dedicated, closed-coupled, clean-in-place units, which control the circulation of cleaning fluids and maintain proper fluid concentrations for optimum usage of supplies. Allen-Bradley control systems were selected based on readily available replacement parts and a wide network of local distributors with trained technical support personnel.

For more information about Federal’s new 10-valve filling machine for specialty dairy and juice operations, the full line of fillers and cappers or net weight and sanitary level fillers, visit the Federal Mfg. International Dairy Show Booth #8009 or call 855-371-4639 and visit www.FederalMfg.com.

About Federal

Federal designs, manufactures, and supports complete rotary and inline net weight filling systems for free-flowing liquids. We serve a variety of markets including food and beverage applications such as edible oils, sauces, nutritional drinks, and protein supplements, as well as other high-value retail applications including automotive lubricants and additives, household cleaners and disinfectants, personal care products, agricultural chemicals, paints, and more. Federal’s net weight filling technology is ideal for applications needing exact dosing, with non-contact filling accuracy of ± 0.1% to minimize the giveaway of valuable products. For more than 70 years, Federal fillers have been recognized worldwide for dependable performance in demanding production environments as well as for an overall low total cost of ownership.

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