Federal Mfg. Showcases Latest Filling Technology at Pack Expo

Oct 02, 2014
  • Federal showcases latest filling machine for petroleum products, agricultural chemicals, food, edible oils, extracts, sauces, dairy, juice, and pharmaceuticals
  • Federal also features a new sanitary level filler for one gallon HDPE containers of milk and juice. (Federal Mfg. Pack Expo Booth # N-5311)
Federal Mfg. Liquid Filling Machines and Net Weight Filling Machinery

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Federal Mfg., powered by ProMach, is demonstrating the breadth of its technical capabilities by featuring at Pack Expo two very different types of solutions: Net weight filling technology for rapidly and accurately filling high viscosity, free-flowing liquids and a sanitary level filler for dairy and juice products. (Federal Mfg. Pack Expo Booth # N-5311)

The innovative Federal net weight single station demonstration filler on display at the show is designed to fill a wide range of products and sizes. Federal net weight filling technology can be used for packaging petroleum products, agricultural chemicals, food, edible oils, extracts, sauces, dairy, juice, and pharmaceuticals.

Federal net weight fillers use damped load cells with overload protection, which significantly reduces or eliminates the effects of vibration and initial fill shock. High speed analog and digital electronics allow each station to be filled by weight or time. These machines are constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel frames designed for years of service. Explosion proof options are available. The Federal control system ensures optimum filling. Ethernet connectivity provides high speed communications with PLCs and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The overall design intent is high uptime, low waste, ease of use, and decades of service.

The 30-valve sanitary level filler at the show is capable of filling and capping 110 one-gallon HDPE containers of fresh milk or juice per minute. Federal sanitary level fillers are in use throughout the food and beverage industry, including edible oils, salsas, and sauces. This mid-size level filling system features E-Series electronic filling valves and interior-exterior clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) capabilities. The ASME certified filling bowl can be cleaned with either hot water or steam. Federal fillers are certified to display the 3-A symbol for sanitary design, construction, and materials.

“While the net weight and sanitary level filler machines are designed for totally different environments, visitors to the Federal booth will see that each machine sets a standard for fit, finish, craftsmanship, and ruggedness that we feel is unequaled in today’s market,” said Mike Collins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Federal. “The other point to make is that when a customer works with Federal he or she can be assured that it will be a low-risk high-reward capital investment.”

For more information about Federal’s fillers and cappers, including the latest in net weight and sanitary level fillers, call 1-855-371-4639 and visit www.federalmfg.com.

About Federal

Federal designs, manufactures, and supports complete rotary and inline net weight filling systems for free-flowing liquids. We serve a variety of markets including food and beverage applications such as edible oils, sauces, nutritional drinks, and protein supplements, as well as other high-value retail applications including automotive lubricants and additives, household cleaners and disinfectants, personal care products, agricultural chemicals, paints, and more. Federal’s net weight filling technology is ideal for applications needing exact dosing, with non-contact filling accuracy of ± 0.1% to minimize the giveaway of valuable products. For more than 70 years, Federal fillers have been recognized worldwide for dependable performance in demanding production environments as well as for an overall low total cost of ownership.

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