Federal Features an Innovative Filling/Capping Solution at Expo Pack Mexico

Jun 13, 2013

MILWAUKEE, WI — Federal Manufacturing, powered by ProMach, will showcase at the Centro Banamex Convention Center during Expo Pack Mexico City, June 18-21, a filling/capping solution that is ideal for four liter containers of milk, juice, and other free flowing liquids. (Federal Manufacturing Booth # 1726)

The Federal GWSS2/12.4 filler/capper features stainless steel construction and is designed and rated for wash down environments. This compact 12 filling valve/four capping station unit is certified to the 3A sanitary standard. Container size ranges from .2 to 4 liters. This unit can fill and cap at up to 120 units per minute. The GWSS2/12.4 is equipped with a sanitary product in-feed valve with positioner and level control package that ensures sanitary handling and exceptional accuracy for low waste. Tool-less handling parts provide for fast changeovers.

“In terms of efficiency, productivity, and ease-of-use, the GWSS2/12.4 is an outstanding value for filling and capping free flowing liquids,” said Mike Collins, Federal sales and marketing manager. “This is especially true for operations that package liquids in four liter containers. We hope that Expo Pack Mexico attendees stop by the Federal booth 1726 for a demonstration.”

For more information about Federal’s filling and capping solutions, call 414-384-3200 and visit www.FederalMfg.com.

About Federal

Federal designs, manufactures, and supports complete rotary and inline net weight filling systems for free-flowing liquids. We serve a variety of markets including food and beverage applications such as edible oils, sauces, nutritional drinks, and protein supplements, as well as other high-value retail applications including automotive lubricants and additives, household cleaners and disinfectants, personal care products, agricultural chemicals, paints, and more. Federal’s net weight filling technology is ideal for applications needing exact dosing, with non-contact filling accuracy of ± 0.1% to minimize the giveaway of valuable products. For more than 70 years, Federal fillers have been recognized worldwide for dependable performance in demanding production environments as well as for an overall low total cost of ownership.

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David Starck | 1-720-390-7707

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