Andy Monroe Named VP of Product and Market Development for the Bottling & Capping Business Unit

Jul 16, 2014

CINCINNATI, Ohio ― Andy Monroe has been appointed Vice President of Product and Market Development for ProMach’s recently established Bottling & Capping Business Unit. The business unit coordinates engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and sales efforts of the Fowler Products, Zalkin, and Federal Mfg. divisions. The business unit functions as ProMach’s nucleus for expanding the company’s range of solutions associated with bottling and capping consumer packaged goods, dairy products, juices, beverages, spirits, pharmaceuticals, and industrial products.

Monroe has worked as Sales and Marketing Manager of Fowler Products for the past 14 years. He joined Fowler in 1984 as a Technical Specialist for water purification systems after earning a B.S. degree from the University of Georgia in microbiology. He moved to the sales department in 1987.

Monroe’s new duties include leading the development of marketing strategies for new products and collaborating with the divisional sales and marketing managers to plan and implement their sales goals.

“In his new position, Andy Monroe will lead product changes and improvements based on his market knowledge and customer feedback to address the needs of the market and to enhance ProMach’s competitive position,” said Don Cotney, President of the Bottling & Capping Business Unit. “Andy and I worked together at Fowler for many years, and I’m confident that he has the comprehensive, global perspective and understanding of the group’s markets, industry developments, and customer concerns to help coordinate these three businesses into a successful team.”

The new Bottling & Capping Business Unit has more than 450 employees across the three divisions, including more than 80 on the engineering teams. Federal Mfg. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is recognized as one of the world’s leading filling companies in dairy and other liquid filling applications.

Zalkin, Montreuil-l'Argille, France, founded in 1932, is a leading capping machinery manufacturer with customers worldwide across a wide range of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and industrial products. Zalkin manufactures screw, push-on, and Roll-on Pilfer Proof (ROPP) capping machines, as well as cap sorters, elevators, and de-cappers.

Zalkin also has a long-term successful partnership with Fowler Products, Athens, Georgia. This relationship began more than 40 years ago when Fowler obtained exclusive value-adding distribution rights to Zalkin machinery in the United States and the Caribbean basin. Fowler Products manufactures machinery for cap handling and closing containers in virtually all markets, including hot fill and cold fill beverages, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care, household goods, and distilled spirits.

About Federal

Federal designs, manufactures, and supports complete rotary and inline net weight filling systems for free-flowing liquids. We serve a variety of markets including food and beverage applications such as edible oils, sauces, nutritional drinks, and protein supplements, as well as other high-value retail applications including automotive lubricants and additives, household cleaners and disinfectants, personal care products, agricultural chemicals, paints, and more. Federal’s net weight filling technology is ideal for applications needing exact dosing, with non-contact filling accuracy of ± 0.1% to minimize the giveaway of valuable products. For more than 70 years, Federal fillers have been recognized worldwide for dependable performance in demanding production environments as well as for an overall low total cost of ownership.

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