Level Filling Systems

Federal offers a wide range of durable and dependable 3-A level filling systems for free-flowing liquid products that require consistent fill levels.

Federal’s level fillers are recognized for their dependable performance in wet, demanding environments and for the decades of service they provide with routine maintenance.

Like all Federal fillers, our level fillers are authorized to display the 3-A symbol which assure the fillers satisfy or exceed recognized industry standards for hygienic design and construction. 

Federal level fillers are designed for hot fill, cold fill and ambient fill applications and we offer over twenty filling valve options for specific product requirements.

We offer eleven footprints and bowl pitch diameters offering from 12 to 120 filling valves.  All Federal level fillers are available in monobloc filler capper, tri-bloc rinser filler capper and filler-only configurations.

Federal level fillers are offered in three series that accommodate a wide range of container sizes and shapes: G, K and S.

G-series level fillers are optimized for 1 Gallon (3.78L) and ½ Gallon (1.89L) containers.

K-series level fillers are optimized for 16 oz. (473mL) to ½ Gallon (1.89L) containers.

S-series level fillers are optimized for single serve sizes from 6 oz. (177mL) to 16 oz. (473mL) containers.

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