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Federal Old Bottle Filling Artwork

Federal's history goes back to 1946 when Mr. David Fee recognized the need for a better machine for the farm dairy to fill and cap glass bottles. Within two years, both 6 and 9-valve models were engineered and introduced to the world at the 1948 Dairy Show in Atlantic City.

Old Federal Dairy Bottle Fill AdvertisementHygienic filler development continued through the next five decades. Machines were engineered to offer unprecedented speed, flexibility, efficiency, and cleanliness. With these advancements came systems specifically created to maximize product protection and provide maximum shelf life. Common design criteria for these systems was simplicity, controlled, and repeatable sanitation, durability, and preservation of product quality.

Federal took a huge step in developing non-contact filling by acquiring AcuFill™ net weight filling technology in 2004. This not only provided a whole new level of filling flexibility, but also provided a means to enter new markets like industrial chemical, personal care, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and household products. Like traditional Federal technology, net weight systems are built with the same legendary robustness, durability and performance.

In 2012, Federal was welcomed into the Pro Mach family of companies. Recognizing that Federal's staff and resources were confined to an aged facility, Pro Mach invested in the construction of a new manufacturing center. As of August 2014, Federal is proud to call a 78,000 square-foot, designed-to-suit building in Pewaukee, Wisconsin their new home.

Throughout the entire organization, Federal and Pro Mach are committed to developing quality filling and capping equipment that will provide decades of dependable service. We sincerely thank you for considering Federal.

Old Federal Mfg Plant Picture