Federal NextGen Level Filler Walkthrough

This machine is equipped with our optional automated trough system that will automate that entire process for you. So how this system works is this is an automated trough with a bump cam so there's a secondary cam under the filler bowl. This will put the machine in a clean in place mode and it will purge out each one of the valves as it goes over the top of the trough. This trough will catch all of your runoff and everything that's coming out of your valves out through this funnel and down. So this is our internal wash system. It's an option on the new Federal fillers, Federal gravity fillers. This is going to spray the outside of your bowl, your lifter pedestals, some of your changed parts, and also the outside of the capper. This can be automated as part of your CIP process and can also be activated manually as needed. The new generation of Federal gravity fillers come standard with single tier guarding as well as base skirting. This base skirting is going to protect you from any splashes or drips as well as protect your operators while the machine is operating for spinning equipment. This machine also features base lighting. This will be on with the machine and it's also really nice for while you're working under the filler.

All new generation Federal gravity fillers are built to 3A standards. They can be 3A certified upon your request. The next generation Federal gravity fillers has a lot more capping capability. We're able to offer a wider range of cappers here on the new generation to accommodate any sort of cap. This machine features the all new floor mounted rotary sorter, mounted at a comfortable operator height. You don't have to climb on any ladders, you can load your caps right at chest height. Then, after the caps are sorted, caps will enter the shoot and be blown by air up into your capper.