Refurbished Federal Model SWSS4/36.15G

Refurbished Federal Model SWSS4/36.15G equipped with container handling parts for TBD plastic bottles with 38mm closures. This model is a filler-capper monobloc that includes a 36-station sanitary monobloc rotary level filler and a Federal 15-station GEM capping turret.

Includes the following items or features:

  • Stainless steel construction including filler control station, equipment legs, main electrical enclosure, center column, and filler bowl
  • Certified to display the 3-A symbol for sanitary design and construction
  • Freestanding polycarbonate and stainless-steel safety enclosure
  • Infeed container handling via feed screw and adjustable guide rails
  • Custom Control Plus package
  • Power raising of filler bowl
  • Filler completely disassembled, and all components cleaned and inspected
  • All columns disassembled, inspected, and reinstalled with all new bearings and bushings
  • New clutch, gearbox, power raising motor
  • Refurbished the filler table, shroud, and bowl exterior
  • Bowl interior polished to a sanitary #4 finish as we would do with a new bowl
  • New level control system including product modulating valve will be integrated into the new controls package
  • New filler valve assemblies based on customer needs
  • One set of bottle handling parts based on customer needs
  • Standard Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • ...and more!