Federal 30-10 Level Filler Monobloc with Capper

This Federal 30-10 Monobloc Filler-Capper is brand new and in-stock in Waukesha, WI. This 30-head filler and 10-head GEM capper comes with one set of customer bottle-handling change parts to ensure that it works perfectly for your product application. Additional change parts can be configured if needed.

This machine has a quick 8-12 week lead time. If you're in need of a new high-performance filler in a short amount of time, contact us today!

This brand new monobloc machine includes:

  • 30 filling valves and 10 capping heads
  • Enclosure with poly doors
  • 1 set of bottle handling - change parts
  • Wash rings
  • 38mm screw cap GEM capper
  • In-stock machine with 8-12 week lead time

The video to the right shows a similar Federal 30-10 Monobloc filling and capping gallon-size containers.

Note: The images shown are not exact representations of the machine in stock.