Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Systems

Federal offers both ESL level filling systems and ESL weight filling systems for refrigerated products that require maximum code dates.

Federal is the only North American filler manufacturer that offers both weight and level ESL filling systems.

Federal Extended Shelf Life (ESL) filling systems are designed to maximize the shelf life of premium refrigerated products including iced teas, not-from-concentrate juices, organic milks, valve added milks, yogurt drinks, kefir, laban and kombucha.

Federal offers ESL systems for both level fillers and non-contact weight fillers using a full range of configurable options, each designed to help maximize shelf life and preserve product quality.

All Federal ESL fillers are authorized to display the 3-A symbol which assure the fillers satisfy or exceed recognized industry standards for hygienic design and construction. Every Federal level filler model and every Federal weight filler model can be designed and configured for ESL applications.

Every Federal weight filler model can be configured and equipped for Extended Shelf Life (ESL) applications.