Glass Bottle Level Filling Systems

Federal has been designing and building glass bottle fillers since 1946.

Cold filling fluid milk, ambient filling of retort processed coffee drinks and hot filling of juices, juice drinks and iced teas are all popular applications for Federal glass bottle fillers.

Like all Federal level fillers, glass bottle fillers are 3-A authorized and they include many features specially designed for handling and filling glass bottles.

Glass bottle filler design features include:

  • Centering cones on all filling valves.
  • Spring loaded filling valves.
  • Spring loaded filling pedestals.
  • Spring loaded infeed timing screw back plate.
  • Clutches on infeed and discharge starwheels.

All of these design features are focused on eliminating bottle chipping and breaking and on protecting key filler components including filling valves and container handling parts.

Federal glass bottle fillers are available in Extended Shelf-life (ESL) configurations which can include container rinsing or sterilization, HEPA enclosures, sanitizing spray systems, cap sterilization systems and sealed, steam sterilizable filling bowls.

Federal’s level fillers are recognized for their dependable performance in wet, demanding environments and for the decades of service they provide with routine maintenance.

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Request more info about this product

Request more info about this product