ESL Level Filling Systems

Every Federal level filler model can be configured and equipped for Extended Shelf Life (ESL) applications.

Federal has been designing and supplying ESL fillers since 1996 and our latest level filler designs represent the next generation of our ESL capabilities.

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Key advantages of Federal level fillers for ESL applications include:
  • Proven performance; Federal ESL level fillers currently deliver up to 85-day code dates for fluid milk
  • 3-A hygienic design
  • Simple to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Durable and dependable

Federal’s ESL level filling systems are configured to meet or exceed the requirements of each product application. ESL system components include:

  • Container rinsers and sterilizers
  • Sterile air blown containers
  • HEPA enclosures
  • Ultra-hygienic machine design that goes beyond 3-A requirements
  • Hygienic ESL filling valves including E-series valves that never need to be removed for cleaning out of place
  • Sealed filler bowls
  • Steam sterilizable filler bowls
  • Sterile air and sterile water supply systems
  • Sanitizing spray systems
  • Cap sterilizers including UV and chemical sterilants
  • Custom CIP skids